One Year On

A year ago today one of my very best friends took her life. I’ve written about it extensively before, partly to honour her and tell the truth, and partly to use ‘art’ and words to try and share and express as part of the process of dealing with loss. I’m not going to labour again over all those thoughts here, but just recognise that even a year on I’m one of many who miss her every second we breathe. I miss that smile, the mischief, the big softy hiding behind the banter and the heart that gave and gave and gave. A year ago today the world lost a very special person to that hateful illness depression. It hurts no less today than it did last year and the hole inside feels raw and gaping…

At the time I was in the UK visiting family, and I took the flowers below to Ashover Rock in Derbyshire in remembrance of her. That place is sacred to me as being the home of a thousand happy memories where I grew up, and a thousand more of those people I love – my mother, my grandmother and grandfather all have their ashes spread there and for me it seemed right to take Kirst there with me in my own way.

RIP Kirst – we fucking miss you. I wish, I wish, I wish, you knew how much we cared.