Wellington Whispers

I got called recently to go and photograph an installation at Wellington International Airport, the work of two spatial designers finishing up at university here. Courtney and Fiona impressed basically; simple premise and idea but very well executed and quite endearing in its approach. Although I have studied and had an interest in design in a broader sense for years, it’s not my first love yet I know when something’s done well and is working, and this installation most certainly was.

For those of you looking who live in New Zealand, you’ll be familiar with the Wellington winds. Working on the notion that the way the wind plays through the city is like an ongoing whisper the installation played sweet little soundbites to you when you stood under the umbrellas, all relevant and peculiarly wonderful to Wellington. The piece went down well, and its short time on site was extended, and is being followed by further work in Auckland, and a current installation on Wellington’s waterfront.