Sam and Jane

So this is one of those rare things from me, a couples shoot. I’m normally very scared by the idea of the sickly sweet lovey dovey stuff behind couples shoots, I’ve done too many weddings to feel comfortable with it. These two though had a secret weapon! An intimate understanding of the toolkit marked ‘How to bribe Dave’ involving mutual appreciation of fast cars and craft beers, and a large dose of ‘we’re not assholes’. Add in the fact that Jane here is a ‘peer’ in the sense that she’s a ‘much better than me’ regarded photographer in her own field here in Wellington and my resistance was, as they say, futile.

So off we toddled to shoot a couples shoot, frankly, just for shits and giggles and in the name of taking photos that were slightly different to celebrate a wonderful couple who love each other to bits. Cue the cold and the rain and some out-of-breath moments carrying chairs and cameras up hills akin to the Himalayas and we were set.