Rugby World Cup 2011 – Part B

So a few months after the hype has died down, the basking in glory and relief has subsided a little (I say a little as a recent roadtrip shows months later, flags are still flying high around the country) it was time to finish the look at New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup. The day I took the first shot the country was fired up and ready to partake in something special, to try and enjoy themselves in a communal sense of being that hadn’t happened for some time. The pundits were having their say on whether the All Blacks could do it, the tourists slowly rolling in all said we couldn’t and the only thing we knew was that every Kiwi had their fingers crossed and that time would tell.

15gb of images later, 47 days had gone by and New Zealand had been taken to the brink of broken nerves, and the All Blacks had won, the winning points scored by a man everyone tells me messed up so badly so many times before no one wanted him to play. I shot all bar a few frames with a fixed 35mm lens, I got wet beyond belief, took photos in most of the North Island of New Zealand and sat watching the final in a restaurant on the waterfront in Paihia with the owner and his close friends and family, the only outsiders allowed into their own moment in history. I even got a hug from the owner of the hotel I was stopping in at some strange hour of the morning in celebration.

Everyone’s had their stories, their own memories of the country during this time. Everyone holds them dear to their hearts. They are moments nobody will ever take away from any of us. New Zealand turned it on, the whole country was alive and united, and after all that, we won.

They might not be much, but these photos, and in the project gallery (link below) are my memories of this. It was a special thing to photograph.

For the full set of photos, click here!