Rebekah – A Milestone (one of many)

It’s been a few weeks of milestones. I signed the contract to do the photography for a new book in my day job, it will be my first for a New Zealand publishing house. I went along to see the first exhibition opening that my own students were having – a proper lump in the throat moment, and I finally turned the corner on The Book Project, this series of portraits you all know about which has blown into being the biggest body of work of my life so far.

Rebekah here is sitter number fifty. Everything from here is on the home run. That feels real good. And what better way to celebrate women, people, personalities, and the ability to say something about people with photos than with someone who is such a strong and passionate advocate for so many things. Rebekah is a total ball of energy and passion for her beliefs, and honestly, is a true asset to this project.

Ladies and gents, Rebekah.