Japan in the Darkness

Stop – Yotsuya, Tokyo

So here’s the second set of images from my recent trip round Japan. Having got the heavy stuff of Hiroshima out of the way, I want to share some stuff more about photography just for the sake of it. While the nightscapes of Japan are not the reason I have always wanted to see the country with a camera, they have always featured highly in my visual language of how I’ve seen the place – so I took the opportunity to indulge in between the moments. Enjoy…

Signs – Akihabara, Tokyo

Back Street – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Neon – Shinjuku, Tokyo

In Search of Food – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Geeks and Manbags – Akiharbara, Tokyo

The South Island Puddle – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Tree – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Stairs – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Appartments – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Bicycle – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Alleyway – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Rubbish – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Bike and Puddle – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Convenience Store – Yotsuya, Tokyo

Back Street Lights – Yotsuya, Tokyo

The Scramble, Shizuoka

Outside the Greatest Coffee Shop on Earth Hug Coffee, Shizuoka

What’s Yakiniku – Karasuma, Kyoto

Sake Bottles – Karasuma, Kyoto

Parking Garage – Karasuma, Kyoto

Kyoto Tower, Kyoto

Dusk – Uehommachi, Osaka

City – Uehommachi, Osaka

Streets – Uehommachi, Osaka